Avoid Gadget Avenue - Let the Buyer Beware


On April 24, 2013, I ordered a televesion from gadget avenue.It arrived with concealed damage (cracked screen) which I immediately reported to the company.

The damage was not easily seen, as it was a hairline fracture, so even though I inspected the television, I did not notice it until I actually completely unboxed the TV and plugged it in. Gadget Avenue employee (Patrick - but questioning if he gave his real name) seemed responsive, and told me they would send out a new television and upon receipt, I would then send back the defective TV. To date, I have received no television. I have made countless calls (literally more than once per day), and have had promise after promise that the TV has actually been shipped, but daily calls to get the tracking number fall flat, with blame being placed on a third party.

Recent promises made were: "product has shipped, BOL number is 1357255207" on 7/12/13; " if product doesn't ship Monday, I'll give you your money back and ship from my own stock" (7/12/2013). "Product has shipped from our warehouse, so it positively shipped" (7/23/2013). Keep in mind these are excerpts and I've had countless promises made, and no delivery. In the past week, they've undergone some system changes, which now have my more than daily calls kicked to a voice mail box.

I'm definitely at my wits end, and would like satisfaction. I've obviously been very, very patient since this has been going on for 3 solid months. Also, after reviewing the model number that was originally shipped, I'm learning it's not even the model I ordered. I was upsold to a 480 Hz model, and the model shipped was really only a 240 Hz model.

I just figured this out by going through this complaint process.

Review about: Television Electronics.

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